danses apprises en nov et déc 2017

semaines débutants novices intermédiaires
45 West country waltz-Things-Dancing in the dark- El paso-DHSS- The wanderer Place in your heart-Broken heart-Celebrity-One a one-Helluva polka-Thanks a lot Dancing in the dark-Boot shootin’boogie-Burning love
46 Broken heart-Country walkin’-cowboy boogie-West country waltz-Things livin’on love-Grundy galop-Ghost train-Country walkin’- Sweat tea-Barn dance Celebrity-Bud viser-Sixteen steps-Listen to your senses-The trail-Dueling dancers
47 Cucaracha-Grundy galop-Beautiful day- Ghost train Beautiful day-Beer for my horses-Sixteen step-CucarachaSweat tea-Skater shuffle-Stroll along cha cha Beautiful day-El paso-Dueling dancers-Grundy galop-My kind of music-jazzy joe-14Cfun push-Dancing in the dark
48 West country waltz-things-coming back a country song-cowboy boogie Are you washed in the blood-Things-Rockland-Big city summertime-Place in your heart West country waltz-things-big city summertime-Rockland-I’m with you-Country two step
49 Sidewinder swing-All about a woman-Long black train West country waltz-Pure&simple-big city summertime-Are you washed in the blood The real deal-We love country-big city summertime- Long black train
50 Grundy galop-Cowboy cry-Doin’me wrong -Sidewinder swing Champagne cha (P)-Cowboy cry- Big city summer time-west country waltz For two -Doin’me wrong-My kind of music-Cowboy cry-Rockland
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